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Wedding Invitations | Don’t Forget the Entree Selection

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While we prefer the wedding combination plate option, some couples prefer to allow their guests to choose a single entree.  If you decide to give the guests a choice of entree selection, please make sure that you include this on your rsvp card in your invitation ensemble.  We find that often times couples forget this when choosing their invitations and then they are left to find a way to remedy the problem.  Also, remember that you will need to have scheduled your tasting prior to the invitations being printed so that you know what options you are giving your guests.  Here are a few examples of response cards with entree selections on them:

entree choice response card Wedding Invitations | Dont Forget the Entree Selection

entree choice response card3 Wedding Invitations | Dont Forget the Entree Selection

images:: wedding rsvp cards

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