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Camelback Flowershop | Exquisite Floral Design in Phoenix

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Camelback Flowershop Team (left to right) Maria, Annie, Teresa, Daniel, Milena

For this month’s Outstanding Guests, we are featuring one of our favorite vendors, Camelback Flowershop. Teresa Wilson, owner and lead designer, always permeates a good vibe and when you step into her shop you won’t want to leave! She has mastered something that many florists lack, it’s what we call an “Outstanding Experience”. Teresa has filled her shop with A-team talent and her passion for travel, fashion, cooking and family shine as you peruse the various objects she has collected on the shop’s shelves. We always enjoy working with this team of wedding professionals.  Check out more of their designs on the Camelback Flowershop Blog.

Teresa has shared some fun facts with us:

Which is your biggest crux Facebook or Twitter? Online Gambling

If you weren’t a florist, what other profession could you see yourself in? A gardener/botanist

Turning what age did you feel like, “Wow I am getting to know myself better?” Around 6 years old, I had this epiphany and I’ll never forget that day…  I had just finished watching an episode of Designing Women with my mother!

Images: Milena Sefferovich

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