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Top 5 Reasons to Consider Hiring a Videographer for your Wedding | Outstanding Advice

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Videography is often a service that couples waiver on having for their wedding day. There are many to do’s and details that must be checked off, and if videography isn’t a priority it can often be cut for other details that take precedence. Whether videography gets cut based on personal feelings on videography or based on budget constraints, it is something that we highly recommend our couples to consider for their wedding day.  Take a peek at our 5 reasons you should consider hiring a videographer below.

1.  A Wedding Video Helps You Relive Your Wedding Day: Your wedding day flies by in a snap. By having a videographer capturing your entire day, you’ll have an opportunity to look back on your vows, the toasts, your first dance, cake cutting, and so much more.

2.  A Video Acts as a Live Photo Album: Having a videographer allows you to see your photographs in motion paired with sound.  We always tell couples to think of their wedding video as their own personal documentary. Who wouldn’t want a documentary of one of the most important days in their life?

3.  Your Wedding Video Captures All of Your Details: There is no doubt that you have spent a great deal of time planning your special day. A lot of love, thought, and care has gone into every last detail of your wedding. It’s impossible to be everywhere, or remember everything on your wedding day. Having a videographer capture the details allows you to see what you missed long after you’ve said “I do”.

4.  A Video Allows you to Share Your Memories: By having a videographer capture your day, you’ll be able to share your wedding day with those that were not able to attend, or for those who have not yet arrived. How special would it be to have the opportunity to share your wedding day with your future children and grandchildren.

5.  Having a Videographer Offers Piece of Mind: Every one of our bride’s considers videography, and waivers on whether or not they should take the plunge. Considering how much of an investment brides, grooms and their families put in to their wedding day, we always recommend hiring a videographer if they think it’s something they might want. Having your wedding video in hand not only promises you that you won’t regret not having a videographer, but also is another medium to capture every moment and detail of your special day in addition to your photographer.

Hopefully these few tips offer you points to consider when determining whether or not you to add videography to your day. If you’re on the fence, we always recommend taking the plunge as you’ll never regret having another documentation of your day.

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Taryn Pollock commented:
on March 5, 2013

Amen sister!!!! We couldn’t agree with you more!!!! Hopefully ALL brides will take this advice!!!

Cameron Clark | Cameron & Kelly Studio commented:
on December 18, 2013

As a documentary still photographer I didn’t want a big production of my wedding coverage. There was already going to be two photographers and I really didn’t want more equipment, more stuff, more eyes on me. I didn’t want it to turn into a reality TV production. So we made a conscience choice NOT to hire videographers. That said, the ONE (and only) thing I regret about our wedding day was NOT having a wedding film. The video industry has changed a lot since 2006 with the introduction of DSLR video capability and the films these folks are creating and editing for weddings is incredible. You cannot capture the toasting, the vows and the dancing with stills the same way you can with video. Brides still need to interview the video team to be sure it won’t turn into a reality TV production and also make sure your photographer knows there will be a video team at the wedding. Not all filmmakers and photographers are created equal and it’s important that the videographer has a similar level of talent, style and experience as the photographer. Often, I’ll call the video team ahead of time to be sure I understand their needs so our clients can have the best and most “hands off” experience possible. Finally, prioritize your coverage. If the stills are more important consult with your photographer and planner about who to choose as your videographer. If the video is more important vice versa.

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