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Tips for Perfecting Your Wedding Menu | Outstanding Advice

by Caitlin Caval on

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Your wedding menu food tasting is arguably one of the best perks of planning your big day! Any excuse to sample delicious hors d’oeuvres and fine wine certainly makes for a good time. While the overall taste is of course one of the most important factors, our Outstanding Occasions team came up with five helpful hints to keep in mind while finalizing your wedding menu.

Presentation. The outward appearance of a dish will give off a specific first impression to your guests, therefore influencing their dining experience, so make sure it’s beautiful! Having a sleek layout of your dish with added garnishes will excite your guests because it will look extremely appetizing. As far as the presentation of appetizers during cocktail hour, having staff serve your appetizers on platters in an arranged and polished appearance will definitely lure your guests to trying one, even if they are picky! 

Season. Which month you are getting married in will heavily influence the items served on your wedding menu. Fall and winter weddings will tend to have menus that feature more of a hearty meal with vegetables in season, such as brussels sprouts, squash, beets and sweet potatoes. On the contrary, spring and summer weddings will typically highlight lighter fare, such as adding fruits and berries into leafy green salads and grilled fish and chicken with added citrus. The season will also impact the types of cocktails served. Warm and cozy bourbon and rum will typically be served in the winter, while fruity spritzers and sangria are summer’s calling. 

Portion Size. Is the food served per person or family style? If it’s served per person, it’s important to correctly size your guest’s portions. After a long day, your guests will be famished and ready for dinner! A common complaint received at weddings is that the portion sizes are often too small, and do not completely satisfy the guests, leaving them wanting more. Be sure to correctly and generously size your meal in order to leave your guests feeling full and happy. Family style is a great option because then guests can take as much or as little as they please, and can even help themselves to more portions. 

Allergies & Dietary Restrictions. Be sure to keep in mind your guests allergies and dietary restrictions. Guest with allergies will know to  write in their specific allergies and dietary restrictions on the RSVP card, so your caterer can plan accordingly, and always ensure there is an alternative vegetarian option for those who do not eat meat. Don’t forget to think of alternatives for those who have gluten-free and dairy-free diets as well, so that your guests with dietary restrictions or allergies aren’t left hungry for the night. 

Quality. Choosing high quality ingredients is extremely important in terms of not only taste, but also presentation. Food will look more appealing and appetizing if it’s extremely fresh and high quality.  Many people choose to buy locally sourced ingredients or organic choices to ensure the best for their big day. When large scale meals are prepared, it is pertinent to make sure everything is good quality because several details of the menu may be prone to slip through the cracks. 

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