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5 Under The Radar Honeymoon Destinations | Outstanding Advice

by Caitlin Caval on

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If you’re in search of a unique honeymoon getaway… look no further. Our team at Outstanding Occasions did a little research and compiled a list of the best 5 under the radar honeymoon destinations that combine both beauty, uniqueness and exclusivity. What more could you want? Keep reading to find the perfect location for you and your sweetheart.

Grindavík, IcelandYou’ve definitely seen the pictures, and if you haven’t, open a new tab because you have to check this out. Think massive hot lagoons and outdoor pools in the most stunning ice blue color you have ever laid eyes on. And we won’t stop there! Rolling hills and green cliffs with wild horses will be within sight in every direction you turn. Besides the unbelievably beautiful landscape of this quaint city in Iceland, you’ll be surrounded by a strong sense of community and culture. Grindavík is the perfect under the radar honeymoon destination because it provides an outdoorsy twist to the classic choice of a beach escape.

Cape Town, South AfricaTalk about the best of both worlds… The gorgeous city of Cape Town is located on the port of Table Bay. There aren’t enough words to explain the uniqueness of this incredible city. Countless activities await including unbelievable beaches, hiking trails among massive mountains, vineyards, botanical gardens, and last but not least, exclusive safaris and sightseeing tours through wildlife reserves. During the day, laze around on the warm sandy beaches or hike to the top of Cape of Good Hope for a breathtaking view on the tip of the Cape Peninsula. At night, get out on the town and experience the special cuisine and culture Cape Town has to offer.

Tulum, Mexico Full of local businesses and privately intimate beaches, Tulum is the foolproof choice for the honeymooners who are in the market for a tropical trip. Pure white sand beaches and extra warm water are just a few of the perks that make Tulum a foolproof choice. While you’re not catching rays, take a walk through the small winding streets and shop from locally owned boutiques selling everything from handcrafted candles and wood carvings to restaurants serving up authentic Mexican cuisine.

Seychelles, East AfricaIf you’re looking for a completely secluded getaway, Seychelles is most certainly the place for you. This small island in the Indian Ocean offers incredible tropical beaches that look like they are straight out of a movie. Crystal clear blue waters and pure sand surrounded by lush green tropical forests will be your view nonstop. Pamper yourself at the exclusive spas, sanctuaries and retreats that Seychelles offers its tourists, some of them located within tree-house villas nestled in the trees. After lounging on the beach, make sure to check out the local open-air markets.

Corsica, FranceDreaming of getting to experience life in an amazing village on an island in the South of France? Look no further than Corsica. Resorts and homes are scattered on the lush green hills of this island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Take romantic walks through the cobblestone roads  -  straight from a fairy-tale – and sunbathe under the hot French sun. Rich with history, Corsica is one of France’s most well known islands due to its impeccable beauty and style.

Whether you and your new spouse are looking for a city escape, tropical getaway or outdoor adventure, we are confident one of these under the radar honeymoon spots will meet your every need and desire. Bon voyage!

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