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5 Sneaky Hidden Wedding Costs | Outstanding Advice

by Caitlin Caval on

Wedding budget 604x270 5 Sneaky Hidden Wedding Costs | Outstanding Advice

To be frank, there is so much that goes into planning the final budget for your big day, and sometimes a few things tend to slip through the cracks. Don’t stress– that’s where our team at Outstanding Occasions comes in; we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of 5 sneaky wedding costs that brides and grooms often forget about.

Vendor Meals. During your reception, the DJ or band, wedding planner, photographer and cinematographer will all have to sit down and take a break from your busy wedding day to eat dinner. While vendor meals are not specifically required in each wedding professional’s contract (although sometimes they are!), you will want to consider providing meals for these individuals. Vendor meals are offered by venues at a fraction of the cost of what you’re paying per person at your wedding, and they consist of much simpler fare (not your gourmet steak and lobster dinner!). Additionally, almost all venues do not allow outside food to be brought onto property, so if you choose not to provide a meal for your wedding professionals, then they will require about an hour break to go eat, and come back, which means an hour of your wedding reception that’s not being covered. Don’t forget these people are working about a 12+ hour day for your wedding, and this is their one true break (at least for the wedding planner!). One last thing, don’t forget to account for assistants and second shooters when you submit your vendor meal number to the venue.

A Hotel Room To Get Ready In. It’s still considered taboo to see your soon-to-be husband the night before the wedding, which means you’ll need a place to crash with your bridesmaids! Plus, an early wake up call will (almost always) be necessary for all of the hair and makeup appointments for you and your bridal party. If you have it in the budget, and you’re getting married at a hotel, you will want to consider renting a room for the night before the wedding for these reasons. Especially if you plan to get ready in your hotel room, remember to rent it for the night before, as late check in times (think 3pm) will conflict with your getting ready schedule for the wedding day.

Food For Your Wedding Party. While everyone is getting ready, day-of nerves and anxiety is typically voided with champagne– and lots of it! While everyone is getting ready, you will want to consider providing lunch, snacks, water (and maybe a bit of champs!) for your wedding party. You can arrange for room service like sandwiches, cheese plates, fruit, pastries and other items that are easy to eat throughout the day, or consider bringing in your own food, snacks and drinks if it’s permitted. Whatever to do, make sure you eat something before the ceremony!!

Cake Cutting & Corkage Fees. If you decide to use a cake made by your reception’s venue, then the cost of cake cutting and serving is typically already included in your venue contract. Should you decide to use an outside source for your desserts, or even wine and champagne, then additional fees will usually apply. These fees will pay for the time and effort of the venue staff individually cutting and serving each slice of cake and each glass of champagne, and then cleaning up all of the dishes afterwards. 

Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatments. These beauty treatments may vary from bride to bride, and some brides cover the cost, while others ask each person to cover their own expenses. Aside from hair and makeup the day of the wedding, you and your ladies (or the guys too!) may be interested in manicures, facials, skin treatments, hair coloring, waxing, brow tinting or anything else that will make you feel at your absolute best on your special day. Remember to budget out a few hundred dollars – at least for yourself – to primp the week before the wedding! 

Having the wedding of your dreams can definitely run up a large bill. Before signing any final or permanent contracts, be sure your vendors are extremely transparent with the costs. Don’t be afraid to ask too many questions. The more you know, the less you will be surprised about at the end of the day.

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