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When you bring your most favorite people to Arizona from the East Coast, you make sure they get the opportunity to be fully immersed in Arizona’s gorgeous landscape, and vibrant Southwest colors. Our darling couple Kristin & Ken, wanted to make sure we leaned into all the things that make Arizona feel beautiful and unique to them - and we did just that. Honing in the color palette to focus on the bright fuchsia florals of the native bougainvillea to the natural turquoise and copper elements found throughout their favorite Southwest shops, we made sure each detail popped against the dusty desert backdrop and felt intentional to each guest. Each detail was carefully selected to feel organic to the southwest backdrop, yet also feel unique and playful. For our fun-loving couple, the last they desired was a stuffy celebration. Details ran far beyond the decor element, featuring a late night poutin station to play nod to the groom’s Canadian roots and a blue grass band to make the guests feel like they were visiting their favorite dive bar.

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