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Designing a celebration of not only two people and two families coming together, but also two cultures intertwining is one of the most intriguing and creative jobs to undertake, and Stefanie & Hamzah’s wedding was just that. Wanting to ensure we pay just enough tribute to Hamzah’s Pakistani roots and Stefanie’s American ones allowed us to work with deep rich colors and patterns, while also keeping traditional components alive when best suited. Romantic details of lush burgundy and elegant ivory gave their Fall Middle Eastern nuptials a sophisticated and magical feel.  Tones of chocolate cosmos, rich burgundy, and white florals made a statement with lush natural greenery pulling everything together. Their sunset candlelit ceremony was one of our absolute favorite details, and having it officiated by the groom’s father made it all the more special. The decor of Stefanie and Hamzah’s Royal Palms wedding was unique, romantic and rich, and one their guests indulged in all evening.


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