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Our Favorite Phoenix Wedding Photographers

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On Wednesday, Rachel discussed How to Choose a Wedding Photographer.  Today we wanted to share some of our favorite Phoenix wedding photographers.  We asked each of them to write a short description about what makes them different from other photographers or something in their company that distinguishes them from other photographers.  We also asked them to send two photos that represent their photography style well.  Enjoy :)

**Please note that the photographers are in alphabetical order, so the order in no way ranks the photographers.  We love them all for different reasons!

The thing that makes bumble and bloom different than most photographers is that we get to know our clients on a really personal level and tend to keep in touch with them all for a long, LONG time after their event with us.  We have made some of our best friends from the people that we have photographed! As for what is distinct about our company, it has to be that we are sillier than most people who work in the circus industry, and have had more meetings that involve giggling than a little girls tea party.  I mean, if we’re being honest…..

bumbleandbloom 2 Our Favorite Phoenix Wedding Photographers

bumblebloom1 Our Favorite Phoenix Wedding Photographers

Our clients are creatives just like us! They value photography as art and creative expression. We love getting to know our clients on a personal level so we can photograph their true personalities. Whether they’re carefree and fun, spunky or quirky (like me); we keep it real!

What makes us distinct is that we customize everything for our brides and their unique needs. This includes our collections, albums and everything else we offer! Erica and her team are light-hearted, goofy, and fun! What makes us different than other photographers…is mostly being exceptionally cool :)

IMG 1720 Our Favorite Phoenix Wedding Photographers

IMG 2046 Our Favorite Phoenix Wedding Photographers

Marcus and I specialize in small, intimate weddings for elegantly fun couples! From start to finish, our business is built around the client experience. They’re getting married and that’s a HUGE deal!! Because our couples are lifetime investments, it’s essential they’re just as much a fit for us as we are for them!

We deeply value our marriage, and in turn, genuinely care about the role we play in others’. By creating a comfortable and fun space for our clients to share their love - a love that isn’t always visible, but ever present – we’re able to capture them in their most natural form. It’s an honor to do what we love with people we love :)

meola arizona wedding1 682x1024 Our Favorite Phoenix Wedding Photographers

meola wedding photographer Our Favorite Phoenix Wedding Photographers

I photograph with a hybrid style that incorporates, photojournalism, fashion photography, and fine art portraiture.
My range of style gives my wedding couples a more, well-rounded documentation of their day.

What makes me unique is that my career as a photographer has come from a deep seeded love for the art of the image.  I have been intensly studying photograhy since I was 14 and I am driven by a desire to create beautiful imagery.  I also attend non-wedding photography workshops every year in order to broaden my understanding of the art and keep my skills sharp.  It’s not just my job, it’s my passion.

Secondly, I try to approach every wedding as a completely unique event.  No two couples are the same so I would never approach a day with the same creative ideas as the last.  I focus on getting to know my couples and their stories so they feel comfortable letting me in their world and giving me access to create totally unique images.

hollye schumacher1 Our Favorite Phoenix Wedding Photographers

hollye schumacher Our Favorite Phoenix Wedding Photographers

I believe what sets me apart is a combination of my photographic style, the high-end products we deliver, and my professionalism throughout the experience. My style has always been to produce images that are both naturally beautiful and timeless, but also ones that make you feel something. I think that over the years, this style has spoken to brides and grooms who love elegant and naturally timeless photography with an editorial-looking feel. Second, our in-house, custom designed wedding albums and other products are high-end, elegant and modern looking. Our couples have several options to choose from so their finished album is truly representative of them, and they can have as much (or as little) input into the final design as they would like. Lastly, the customer service and professionalism we deliver throughout the entire experience — from first meeting to final delivery of album and beyond – consistently earn high marks from our former clients and we are proud of the repuatation we have earned over the years.
07JenniferBowenPhotography Our Favorite Phoenix Wedding Photographers

JBowen Napa BrideGroom053 1024x682 Our Favorite Phoenix Wedding Photographers

I don’t feel as though I am your typical photographer. I have a very quiet and reserved personality that transforms into something a little crazy when I start shooting. I’m a little crazy, edgy, fun, and love to think outside of the box. I think that you get images from me that stand out from other photographers because of the way I see things through the camera. I always talk about how photography is a passion and a gift.  It’s something that you have to feel and that feeling must come naturally. It’s easy to train someone on the technical side of photography, but the core of photography is something that felt inside. It’s something that you learn over time and it grows with you. While I do have that basic technical side I also rely heavily on my feelings and what I know will make a great image.

0213 ReinhartLilleyW1354KJ 682x1024 Our Favorite Phoenix Wedding Photographers

0291 DanielsSeiboltW4156KJ 1024x682 Our Favorite Phoenix Wedding Photographers

Here are the things that I believe set us apart from other photographers:
1. post-wedding speed of delivery to clients, vendors & venues
2. relationship/connection with clients: i.e. taking them out to dinner after engagement shoot; investing in the relationship
3. consistency of level of photos throughout the wedding day – prep, portraits, ceremony & reception
4. character — sharing a lot of myself on my blog which promotes trust
5. leader in the industry — speaking at conferences, teaching workshops, sharing generously on my blog
6. clean, classic & consistent post-processing

MJ1 Our Favorite Phoenix Wedding Photographers

MJ2 Our Favorite Phoenix Wedding Photographers

Like any artist, I believe that every photographer goes through a period of “finding their voice”.  For some it can take time, for others it evolves quickly.  For me, it has taken years to develop and refine my style into what it is today.  As my own worst critic, I’m constantly tweaking, critiquing to keep my style fresh while maintaining my overall artistic voice.  My style is very soft, natural and timeless.  I want to create photos that will stand the test of time and try to avoid current trends in the industry and keep on my own path.  Sometimes it’s hard to avoid comparing yourself to others, but I found that once I ignored everyone else, I truly found my own style.  My goal is to make clients comfortable, and capture them naturally just being themselves.  Each client is different, so I try to get to know them and what makes their relationship special in order to best capture their unique personalities.  When capturing a wedding, my aim is to tell the “story” of their day.  That story is made up of many different types of images – portraits, candid moments, details, capturing the setting.  It’s not one “type” of photography, but one, cohesive collection to tell the story of my couple’s wedding day.  My imagery evokes a natural aesthetic and is more elegant, classic and timeless with soft light and dreamy color.  Natural light and surroundings are an important element in my work as I am inspired by nature and beautiful light.  Therefore, outdoor weddings and venues with lots of natural light lend themselves best to my style of work.  I think one big thing that makes me different from other photographers in the Phoenix area is that I shoot film.  It is becoming a lost art, but I really get the soft and dreamy timeless look that I’m striving for by utilizing film in my work.  I still use a combination of digital and film cameras to achieve my overall signature look and to capture your day while creating a collection of images that is unique to each couple.

MelissaScholaert Wedding1 Our Favorite Phoenix Wedding Photographers

MelissaScholaert Wedding2 Our Favorite Phoenix Wedding Photographers

When I am not photographing a wedding, a child or some big political event, I am traveling around the world, lecturing on photography.  But in all my travels, and through all my adventures, the greatest moment is always opening the door to see my children who smile and exclaim, “daddy!”, a testament of what is important in life.  Knowing what life is really all about has lead me to photograph weddings.  I was classically trained in the arts and earned a masters of photography, but in all my classes, no professor ever taught me how to make a bride smile, or cry for joy.  Those kinds of things happen in real life when people like me (photographers) get out of the way and let them happen.  I am grateful for all of my training though, because when those moments happen, it is up to me to capture them with precision and present them with beauty to my clients.  I am a documentary photographer through and through and whether I am observing a bride tenderly kissing her father’s cheek or making a striking portrait of the bride, nothing is more important than capturing things as they are and presenting people as themselves.  Manufactured memories are stale.  Beautifully captured reality will open the floodgates of memory and emotion anytime they are seen.

platt photography arizona wedding 1 Our Favorite Phoenix Wedding Photographers

platt photography arizona wedding 2 Our Favorite Phoenix Wedding Photographers

When we first started Session Nine Photographers, we knew that we had a deep infatuation with great art in photography. The way light is captured still in an image. Great composition that draws the viewer in to the picture. Color and contrast. Subject and style. But what we didn’t realize at the time was the unbridled power of STORY that would inherently come with sharing people’s lives through pictures.

That’s where we truly fell in love.

We believe that sharing stories is the real heartbeat behind Session Nine. We long to share light, fun, fashionable moments alongside powerful, emotional moments. All intertwined. Real. Genuine. And now, as we’ve partnered with Thirst Relief to launch The ORNG Project, all of our stories are becoming even more tied together as we help combat the need for clean water across the world. Needless to say, we’re extremely excited about people, life, love, art, and story.

Jonathan + Keira   First Look Romantics 7861 1024x682 Our Favorite Phoenix Wedding Photographers

Matthew + Amanda   First Look Romantics 2653 1024x682 Our Favorite Phoenix Wedding Photographers


I feel that our company has been built on making relationships with our clients. We don’t JUST want to be your wedding photographer but we also want to get to know your personalities off camera so we can better  document your love on film. We include engagement sessions in every collection for the sole reason of  preparing our couples for what to expect on the wedding day. While photographing at the engagement session, we also all get to know each other better and this helps for your true personalities to show on camera. I included a photo of one of our lovely couples Jeremy and Laura. We LOVE taking romantic photos  but we also love taking editorial images to give our sessions more variety.
What makes our business distinct from other companies is probably our use of light and locations. My eye has always naturally been drawn to the beautiful halo that the natural sun can create at different times of the day. I probably spend more time than most photographers searching out the perfect light at wedding/engagement spots for our couples. The wedding image that is shown of the bridal party was taken in front of a historical rustic building. We spent hours searching out the town of Sydney for the most perfect spot to take our bridal party images and we looked specifically for texture and character. This is what really helps make this image unique. As well as our editorial posing, our couples outfits and personality all seems to fit the location perfectly.

SFP Our Favorite Phoenix Wedding Photographers

SFP2 Our Favorite Phoenix Wedding Photographers

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