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Choosing your Wedding Bands

Our favorite topic, diamonds! More than likely your engagement ring has been polished weekly, shown to anyone and everyone, and now you’re about ready to add another friend to the mix… we are talking about your wedding band of course! Picking out your wedding band might seem like a simple task but there is actually a lot to consider. Don’t fret though, we have been through this before and know how to help you narrow down your search.

When you’re planning your wedding, don’t forget to put your rings in as a line-item in your overall wedding budget! This will help ensure you focus on rings that will fit within your budget. For example, if your budget is more modest, you may want to consider a simple 14-karat gold or simple platinum band, which will cost around $1,000. The more you add to the ring (diamonds, sapphires, oh my!) the pricier it gets!

Consider the style of your engagement ring and the fit. Do you want your wedding band to exactly match your engagement ring? Or do you prefer something more simple or more elaborate? Also, make sure you try on the rings together to see how they will fit – are they sitting flush on your finger? Is there a gap in between the band and the ring because your engagement ring diamond is set low? You decide what you like best, there’s no wrong answer! You will also want to consider whether you will always wear the two rings together, or if you are the type of person who will frequently stash your engagement ring in the safe and just wear your wedding band.

Get ahead! Knock this task off your to-do list early. Some specialty wedding bands take months to arrive (particularly if they’re made in another country), so you will want to make sure you give yourself at least 3-4 months for the rings to be delivered.

Think in terms of a everyday life. If you’re in a profession where you use your hands quite a bit, you will want to choose one of the stronger, more durable metals. You will also want to ask the jeweler which metals are more likely to scratch or dent, and if there’s any risk of diamonds falling out or being damaged if your band includes them (good insurance will fully cover any loss of diamonds – so make sure you look into that too!)

Enjoy the hunt for your wedding bands!


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