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How to Choose your Maid of Honor

As we are on the trend for bridesmaid advice, let’s get to the real talk. How to choose your maid of honor! There are truly so many factors to consider for this one position, leaving your heading spinning with a million decisions. Should it be this friend over the other? Do I have to choose his sister? Can I have two? These are all questions that make choosing the right maid of honor a difficult task. I’m sure you are also wondering if there is a certain order or equation to make this decision, well the simple answer is no. To land your MOH, follow these guidelines to make your decision the right one!

Let us start by saying, there is no right answer to tell you who to choose! We can’t just blatantly send you a checklist or decide your friend of 10 years deserves it over your girlfriend of 1, or say that your sister is duty-bound to the throne. We suggest that you take a moment to think about the person you feel most supported by, the one that you cannot imagine having your wedding day without, or the one who can give you words that will settle your day of butterflies. If the person you are considering right now doesn’t fit this criteria, they probably aren’t the right one! This is your one day, time to use your instincts.

Are you torn between your two sisters, or two friends that have been your ride or die from the beginning? Let us be the first to say, there are no rules saying you can’t have more than one! Not only does this happen more than you think, but it can be a huge stress reliever for your two leading ladies. It might not be the most traditional manner… we say, who cares!

Have you had thoughts on not having one at all? Who even needs a maid of honor! Forget the conventional way and do what you want. If no one stands out in your circle of friends/siblings/cousins, do not stress! Use your whole bridal party as one big team to help assist you during your months of planning and all the small details leading up to the day!

Our final tip: When it comes to breaking the news to your circle, don’t let the word get around before you say it first. Be proactive and be honest with your girlfriends about how you want YOUR wedding to go. If it comes from the heart, they will understand!


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