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Tips For Picking The Perfect Wedding Photographer | Outstanding Advice

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Left Image: JW Marriott Desert Ridge Wedding shot by Jared Platt. Center Image: Phoenix Art Museum Wedding shot by Mike Olbinski. Right Image: Royal Palms Resort and Spa Wedding shot by Melissa Jill.

The right photos on your wedding day will certainly take you back to that moment, and is one of the few ways to help you relive the day.  Photography is not only a huge part of your wedding day, but also your budget. Because of this, choosing a photographer that is right for you is not only extremely important, but also can be difficult. Here are a few tips to help you along the way:

Start Searching Immediately: After selecting your wedding venue, the next big step should be hiring your wedding photographer. A good photographer can easily be booked a year in advance! We recommend that you book your photographer at least six to twelve months prior to your wedding date.

Research Potential Photographers Work: It is important to start researching potential photographers’ work before setting up initial meetings.  Always review a photographer’s website and blog at length, as both of these places will give you a realistic view of their work. Also, don’t be afraid to ask a photographer to view the last wedding or two they have shot in full, so you can see their quality of work throughout the wedding day and know what you can expect if they shot yours.

Get to Know their Personality: You will be spending the whole day with your wedding photographer, so it’s important that you like the person who will be by your side. When deciding who to hire, be sure to hire someone who you love just as much as their work.

Find out their Post-Production Process: Although it might not be in your foresight to consider what your photographer’s post-production process is, it should be a a big factor when determining which photographer to hire. During your initial meeting with potential photographers ask and understand their post-production process. Be sure to ask questions like when you should expect to receive access to your online gallery, or how long it takes to receive your wedding album. Asking these questions before signing an agreement are important to ensure you are happy with the process long after you’ve said “I Do”.

Photography is a large component of your wedding day, and the memories that you have afterwards. When choosing the right photographer, go with your gut and pick someone whose images make you swoon, and whose personality makes you want to spend hours with them. Picking someone based on that combination will ensure you have found the right match for you!

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Melissa Jill commented:
on August 22, 2013

Love this! Great tips girls!!

Cameron Clark | Cameron & Kelly Studio commented:
on December 18, 2013

Nice Danielle! Great GREAT tips. I couldn’t agree more, especially with the personality point. I think the post-production questions are often overlooked but it’s pretty critical because if you were expecting your photos in 2 weeks and you find out it takes 8-12, that’s a deal breaker to me. It is so hard to wait for your wedding photos. I myself, waited four weeks and I thought I was going to explode with anticipation. We turn ours around in 2-4 weeks. I like our couples to have them when they return from their honeymoon.

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