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Must-Have Photography Shot List for Your Picture Perfect Wedding | Outstanding Advice

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You’ve spent months and months planning your wedding day, but have you thought about creating a photography shot list to ensure all the important details you planned are captured by your photographer and videographer?  We’re here to help.  This must-have shot list will guide you in creating your own  list which you can provide to your photographer and videographer to ensure they photograph every last special moment and detail of your wedding day. Do you want a photo with each of your bridemaids, in addition to group shots? Is there a special photo you must have of you and your dad dancing? Do you want to ensure your very special bridal clutch, which was your great grandmother’s, is captured in a beautiful photo? What about that stationery you worked so hard designing? Write it down in your photography shot list!! Your list will help communicate all your “must-haves” to your photographer and help keep them organized on your wedding day. Below are just a few examples of details you’ll want to ensure are captured on your wedding day so you can remember them forever!


RachelSolomon BreaNeil Vendors 008 Must Have Photography Shot List for Your Picture Perfect Wedding | Outstanding Advice

Photographer: Rachel Solomon

Bridal Shoes: 

RachelSolomon NikkiKeenan Vendors 002 Must Have Photography Shot List for Your Picture Perfect Wedding | Outstanding Advice

Photographer: Rachel Solomon

Engagement & Wedding Ring: 

97A3010 Must Have Photography Shot List for Your Picture Perfect Wedding | Outstanding Advice

Photographer: Elyse Hall Photographyy

Bridal Bouquet: 

9390 14 Must Have Photography Shot List for Your Picture Perfect Wedding | Outstanding Advice

Photographer: Elyse Hall Photography

Bridal Parties:  

RachelSolomon NikkiKeenan Vendors 059 Must Have Photography Shot List for Your Picture Perfect Wedding | Outstanding Advice RachelSolomon NikkiKeenan Vendors 068 Must Have Photography Shot List for Your Picture Perfect Wedding | Outstanding Advice

Photographer: Rachel Solomon


0603 02 Must Have Photography Shot List for Your Picture Perfect Wedding | Outstanding Advice

Photographer: Elyse Hall Photography

Cocktail Hour: 

97A0999 Must Have Photography Shot List for Your Picture Perfect Wedding | Outstanding Advice

Photographer: Elyse Hall Photography

Escort Cards:  

KristenandNick617 Must Have Photography Shot List for Your Picture Perfect Wedding | Outstanding Advice

Photographer: Marisa Belle Photography

Table Arrangements: 

31451 05 Must Have Photography Shot List for Your Picture Perfect Wedding | Outstanding Advice

Photographer: Elyse Hall Photography

Wedding Cake:

 82170 14 Must Have Photography Shot List for Your Picture Perfect Wedding | Outstanding Advice

Photographer: Elyse Hall Photography

Just to name a few!

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Bridal Relaxation & Last Minute Wedding Beauty Tips, Yes Please!

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Faerber Wedding Getting Ready 0016 e1510781438594 Bridal Relaxation & Last Minute Wedding Beauty Tips, Yes Please!

Inhale, exhale and lets begin! Brides, we thought it was just about time to share some helpful relaxation tips and beauty regimes to get you prepared for your dusted rose petal walk down the aisle! Trust us, we know your calendar is full from 8am to 10pm, but pencil in one night for your personal glitz and glam session. With the pressure of looking your best on your wedding day, we have created some special tips to save you time. From face masks to humidifiers, you will thank us in the end. Sit back, light your candle and hit the pamper button! Lets get started:

Step one

Turn off your phone or our favorite, hit the do not disturb button! As hard as this may be, it is for your own sanity. With the wedding day around the corner, there are a million and one things to still get done. Take a night in, remember your love for your fiancé and give yourself some YOU time! Don’t look at emails, social media or return calls. You need this!

Relaxation Time 

1. Draw a bath and light a candle: Pick out your favorite bath bomb, light your favorite scented candle, turn on some music and relax. You will be thanking yourself.

2. Take out your humidifier or head over to amazon for a quick delivery! Whether you are looking for sleep, relaxation, or getting rid of that pesky cold- essential oils are here to do you justice. We recommend the lavender for a good night sleep and deep relaxation.

3. Pick out a good book or podcast to listen to. This will de-clutter your mind from wedding details and force you to think about a different topic.

4. Get a good night’s sleep! Wash your sheets, put on your silk sleeping eye mask, and catch those z’s to get a good night of rest.

5. It is important to carry out simple relaxation steps in your daily life, especially during the stressful time of wedding planning. Try looking into a packaged yoga deal to relieve some stress and reduce the build up. Great options such a candle light yoga or maybe just try a simple yoga stretch.

Beauty Hacks

1.  Get out your go-to coconut oil and lets get crazy! As you probably have heard by now, coconut oil is magic. You can use a small handful to put in your hair for softer and less damaged ends. Or try to it as a moisturizer for  your body when you get out of the shower or bath!

2.  Drink lots of water! This is the best way to flush your body and filter out toxins for fresh, clear skin.

3.  Throw on your favorite hydrating mask for your at-home spa night, while you turn on some Netflix or read your favorite book. This is the perfect way to get your face to have that glowing look for your big night!

4. Whiten those teeth! Your happiest day is upon you and we want your smile to sparkle. There are at home techniques that are very effective such as charcoal, whitening strips, or even just toothpaste with added whitening.  For a faster route, check with your dentist for their preferred whitening procedure! 

5. Get your skin prepped and ready for the big day! Try to get on a nightly skin routine and a weekly facial exfoliant.  Smooth out your skin tone and apply a serum or oil to get your face feeling soft and plumped.

Whether you have already started your own form of wedding beauty tips or needed some advice, remember to give yourself some you time to relax a little and get prepared for your wedding day!

Photo Source: Andrew & Jade Photography



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The Week of Wedding To Do List | Outstanding Advice

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bridesss e1505947784387 The Week of Wedding To Do List | Outstanding Advice

With seven shorts days until you finally say the words “I do,” the major plans have been well established. The big details are taken care of, but it’s the little ones we tend to forget. There is nothing worse than enjoying the most magical night of your life and then realizing you didn’t pack all your essentials for your honeymoon suite. Don’t worry, we have gathered the last minute to-do’s for you!

Pack Your Bags:  This is one of those tasks that you definitely don’t want to leave until the last minute. Remember the times you thought you would just wake up early and get it all together? We all know this is when you forget your toothbrush, only bring the top to your bikini, and end up regretting it the second you leave the house. Write a checklist, carefully lay all your items out, and if you’re like us, try everything on to make sure it still looks perfect! Then zip up those bags and breathe a sigh of relief. Don’t forget that night-of wedding lingerie that your girls specially picked out for you, eye makeup remover (trust us!), and possibly your passport if you are headed straight to your honeymoon!

Re-check Your Beauty Appointments: Call your nail salon, hair salon and makeup artist to confirm your appointments both before the wedding, and one the wedding day. This is especially important for those nail and hair color appointments you schedule just a few days before the wedding. For wedding day hair and makeup appointments, be sure to share the  schedule with your bridesmaids and mom so they can arrive on time to get glammed up. AND, don’t forget to tell your photographer so they can snag some get ready pictures! (If you have a wedding planner, she’ll take care of a lot of these confirmations for you so you can relax!)

Check Your Alterations and Wedding Attire: Brides, have your dress steamed one last time and ready in the bag for the big day. Make sure you practice walking around in your shoes to break them in, maybe turn on your favorite song and try out a dance! We also recommend bringing a comfortable pair of shoes (sparkly Toms, flips flops, slippers – we’ve seen it all!) to stash under your chair at dinner for late-night dancing. Grooms, pick up your suit and do one final fitting. You don’t want to realize the morning-of that the dry cleaner left your pants out of the bag. Also confirm that you have your cufflinks, shoes, tie and shirt.

Read Vows Aloud: Practice reading your vows out loud to make sure they are prepared and that you feel confident. It’s nerve-wracking to recite vows in front of hundreds of people on your wedding day!

Make It Legal: Of course you can’t forget this step! You will need to go as a couple to get your marriage license. Remember to bring your ID’s, and definitely look up the marriage license fee and hours with the city to ensure you’re not showing up on a holiday or after-hours. We recommend also paying for a certified copy of a marriage license if you plan to change your name after the wedding. Ensure your marriage license gets to your officiant on the wedding day, as it must be signed by you, the officiant, and two witnesses to make it legal.

Communicate The Wedding Day Timeline: Be sure that your bridal party, groomsmen, family members and wedding planner are all on the same page as to how the schedule will run throughout the day. Ensure family members know what time to arrive for photos, Bridesmaids know when hair and makeup begins, and Groomsmen know this day is serious and they really do have to be dressed by a certain time! Having a timeline in place will cause less stress for you on the wedding day, because you will know that everyone is aware of where they need to be and when. (Helpful hint – creating the wedding day timeline is a huge part of what wedding planners do for you, so if you’re worried about the schedule on the wedding day, we highly recommend you meet with a planner).

Vendor Confirmations: Double and triple check that your vendors know the exact arrival time, start time, end time, and location for your wedding, and be sure to ask any last questions you may have. Let the vendors know of the venue specifications such as parking, loading areas, access to building, and prepare a contact (preferably not yourself or wedding party) that they can call for last minute questions. Over communicate with the vendors to ensure the band knows the playlist, your photographer knows the shot list, and you feel comfortable about everything being set in place. Don’t forget to prepare final payments for each vendor at the end of the night. (This is another area where a wedding planner is extremely helpful, as she will handle all these confirmations for you).

Post Wedding Escape Route: Whether your are fleeing to Bali or heading to your home, make sure to plan transportation for your next stop. If you are providing transportation for guests, make a specific pick up and drop off list with names, locations, and phone numbers.

Last, just remember to enjoy the day and everything will work out!

Photography Credit: My Wedding HQ








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Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Menswear | Outstanding Advice

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fiesta wedding 08 Dos and Donts of Wedding Menswear | Outstanding Advice

Attention men! It may come as a surprise that what you and your groomsmen wear on your big day is as equally as important. There are several things that play into the overall theme and general aesthetic of the day. If fashion isn’t your forte, you’re in luck! Our team at Outstanding Occasions put together a few do’s and don’ts of wedding menswear. Keep reading to avoid some major wardrobe malfunctions!

Don’t wear a belt with your formal suit. Wearing a belt makes your look appear heavy and awkward. Resort to a chic pair of suspenders if you wanted to elevate your look and add in something unique. 

Do wear a complementary tie. This is important because it adds to the overall aesthetic of the day. Make sure to pick a tie that coordinates with the color scheme of the day. Have your groomsmen wear matching ties in order to create a uniformed and polished look. Try to avoid gaudy, patterned or bold colored ties that could potentially take away from your sleek look. 

Don’t wear short socks. When you sit down or cross your legs, you definitely don’t want exposed skin to show, so make sure you wear a pair of calf length socks, preferably ones that match the color of your suit. If you want to add something a little fun, opt for a patterned sock or a bright color! Matching socks also serve as a thoughtful gift for your groomsmen. 

Do have your suit tailored. Even if it’s the most expensive suit on the market, it will look and feel terrible if it doesn’t fit just right in all the proper places. Make sure you put in the necessary time and effort needed to meet with a tailor in order to make certain that your suit fits right. Keep in mind that the jacket sleeve hem should fall at your wrist, exposing 1/4-1/2 of your shirt sleeve. Also make sure that the collar lays flat, without any bulging or buckling, and finally– be comfortable in your pants when you sit, stand, walk and dance! 

Don’t over-accessorize. Add in a classy pair of cufflinks or a tie clip in order to elevate your look to the next level, but certainly don’t over do it. Limit yourself on the accessories because you don’t want to come across as too flashy. A beautiful watch and a simple boutonnière is honestly all you really need! 

Hopefully these helpful hints will guide you in your wedding wardrobe! Beyond everything, it’s your big day, so don’t be scared to add in your own personal flare to reflect your personality!

Photography Credit: Green Wedding Shoes


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5 Sneaky Hidden Wedding Costs | Outstanding Advice

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Wedding budget 604x270 5 Sneaky Hidden Wedding Costs | Outstanding Advice

To be frank, there is so much that goes into planning the final budget for your big day, and sometimes a few things tend to slip through the cracks. Don’t stress– that’s where our team at Outstanding Occasions comes in; we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of 5 sneaky wedding costs that brides and grooms often forget about.

Vendor Meals. During your reception, the DJ or band, wedding planner, photographer and cinematographer will all have to sit down and take a break from your busy wedding day to eat dinner. While vendor meals are not specifically required in each wedding professional’s contract (although sometimes they are!), you will want to consider providing meals for these individuals. Vendor meals are offered by venues at a fraction of the cost of what you’re paying per person at your wedding, and they consist of much simpler fare (not your gourmet steak and lobster dinner!). Additionally, almost all venues do not allow outside food to be brought onto property, so if you choose not to provide a meal for your wedding professionals, then they will require about an hour break to go eat, and come back, which means an hour of your wedding reception that’s not being covered. Don’t forget these people are working about a 12+ hour day for your wedding, and this is their one true break (at least for the wedding planner!). One last thing, don’t forget to account for assistants and second shooters when you submit your vendor meal number to the venue.

A Hotel Room To Get Ready In. It’s still considered taboo to see your soon-to-be husband the night before the wedding, which means you’ll need a place to crash with your bridesmaids! Plus, an early wake up call will (almost always) be necessary for all of the hair and makeup appointments for you and your bridal party. If you have it in the budget, and you’re getting married at a hotel, you will want to consider renting a room for the night before the wedding for these reasons. Especially if you plan to get ready in your hotel room, remember to rent it for the night before, as late check in times (think 3pm) will conflict with your getting ready schedule for the wedding day.

Food For Your Wedding Party. While everyone is getting ready, day-of nerves and anxiety is typically voided with champagne– and lots of it! While everyone is getting ready, you will want to consider providing lunch, snacks, water (and maybe a bit of champs!) for your wedding party. You can arrange for room service like sandwiches, cheese plates, fruit, pastries and other items that are easy to eat throughout the day, or consider bringing in your own food, snacks and drinks if it’s permitted. Whatever to do, make sure you eat something before the ceremony!!

Cake Cutting & Corkage Fees. If you decide to use a cake made by your reception’s venue, then the cost of cake cutting and serving is typically already included in your venue contract. Should you decide to use an outside source for your desserts, or even wine and champagne, then additional fees will usually apply. These fees will pay for the time and effort of the venue staff individually cutting and serving each slice of cake and each glass of champagne, and then cleaning up all of the dishes afterwards. 

Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatments. These beauty treatments may vary from bride to bride, and some brides cover the cost, while others ask each person to cover their own expenses. Aside from hair and makeup the day of the wedding, you and your ladies (or the guys too!) may be interested in manicures, facials, skin treatments, hair coloring, waxing, brow tinting or anything else that will make you feel at your absolute best on your special day. Remember to budget out a few hundred dollars – at least for yourself – to primp the week before the wedding! 

Having the wedding of your dreams can definitely run up a large bill. Before signing any final or permanent contracts, be sure your vendors are extremely transparent with the costs. Don’t be afraid to ask too many questions. The more you know, the less you will be surprised about at the end of the day.

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