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Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Menswear | Outstanding Advice

by Caitlin Caval on

fiesta wedding 08 Dos and Donts of Wedding Menswear | Outstanding Advice

Attention men! It may come as a surprise that what you and your groomsmen wear on your big day is as equally as important. There are several things that play into the overall theme and general aesthetic of the day. If fashion isn’t your forte, you’re in luck! Our team at Outstanding Occasions put together a few do’s and don’ts of wedding menswear. Keep reading to avoid some major wardrobe malfunctions!

Don’t wear a belt with your formal suit. Wearing a belt makes your look appear heavy and awkward. Resort to a chic pair of suspenders if you wanted to elevate your look and add in something unique. 

Do wear a complementary tie. This is important because it adds to the overall aesthetic of the day. Make sure to pick a tie that coordinates with the color scheme of the day. Have your groomsmen wear matching ties in order to create a uniformed and polished look. Try to avoid gaudy, patterned or bold colored ties that could potentially take away from your sleek look. 

Don’t wear short socks. When you sit down or cross your legs, you definitely don’t want exposed skin to show, so make sure you wear a pair of calf length socks, preferably ones that match the color of your suit. If you want to add something a little fun, opt for a patterned sock or a bright color! Matching socks also serve as a thoughtful gift for your groomsmen. 

Do have your suit tailored. Even if it’s the most expensive suit on the market, it will look and feel terrible if it doesn’t fit just right in all the proper places. Make sure you put in the necessary time and effort needed to meet with a tailor in order to make certain that your suit fits right. Keep in mind that the jacket sleeve hem should fall at your wrist, exposing 1/4-1/2 of your shirt sleeve. Also make sure that the collar lays flat, without any bulging or buckling, and finally– be comfortable in your pants when you sit, stand, walk and dance! 

Don’t over-accessorize. Add in a classy pair of cufflinks or a tie clip in order to elevate your look to the next level, but certainly don’t over do it. Limit yourself on the accessories because you don’t want to come across as too flashy. A beautiful watch and a simple boutonnière is honestly all you really need! 

Hopefully these helpful hints will guide you in your wedding wardrobe! Beyond everything, it’s your big day, so don’t be scared to add in your own personal flare to reflect your personality!

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5 Sneaky Hidden Wedding Costs | Outstanding Advice

by Caitlin Caval on

Wedding budget 604x270 5 Sneaky Hidden Wedding Costs | Outstanding Advice

To be frank, there is so much that goes into planning the final budget for your big day, and sometimes a few things tend to slip through the cracks. Don’t stress– that’s where our team at Outstanding Occasions comes in; we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of 5 sneaky wedding costs that brides and grooms often forget about.

Vendor Meals. During your reception, the DJ or band, wedding planner, photographer and cinematographer will all have to sit down and take a break from your busy wedding day to eat dinner. While vendor meals are not specifically required in each wedding professional’s contract (although sometimes they are!), you will want to consider providing meals for these individuals. Vendor meals are offered by venues at a fraction of the cost of what you’re paying per person at your wedding, and they consist of much simpler fare (not your gourmet steak and lobster dinner!). Additionally, almost all venues do not allow outside food to be brought onto property, so if you choose not to provide a meal for your wedding professionals, then they will require about an hour break to go eat, and come back, which means an hour of your wedding reception that’s not being covered. Don’t forget these people are working about a 12+ hour day for your wedding, and this is their one true break (at least for the wedding planner!). One last thing, don’t forget to account for assistants and second shooters when you submit your vendor meal number to the venue.

A Hotel Room To Get Ready In. It’s still considered taboo to see your soon-to-be husband the night before the wedding, which means you’ll need a place to crash with your bridesmaids! Plus, an early wake up call will (almost always) be necessary for all of the hair and makeup appointments for you and your bridal party. If you have it in the budget, and you’re getting married at a hotel, you will want to consider renting a room for the night before the wedding for these reasons. Especially if you plan to get ready in your hotel room, remember to rent it for the night before, as late check in times (think 3pm) will conflict with your getting ready schedule for the wedding day.

Food For Your Wedding Party. While everyone is getting ready, day-of nerves and anxiety is typically voided with champagne– and lots of it! While everyone is getting ready, you will want to consider providing lunch, snacks, water (and maybe a bit of champs!) for your wedding party. You can arrange for room service like sandwiches, cheese plates, fruit, pastries and other items that are easy to eat throughout the day, or consider bringing in your own food, snacks and drinks if it’s permitted. Whatever to do, make sure you eat something before the ceremony!!

Cake Cutting & Corkage Fees. If you decide to use a cake made by your reception’s venue, then the cost of cake cutting and serving is typically already included in your venue contract. Should you decide to use an outside source for your desserts, or even wine and champagne, then additional fees will usually apply. These fees will pay for the time and effort of the venue staff individually cutting and serving each slice of cake and each glass of champagne, and then cleaning up all of the dishes afterwards. 

Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatments. These beauty treatments may vary from bride to bride, and some brides cover the cost, while others ask each person to cover their own expenses. Aside from hair and makeup the day of the wedding, you and your ladies (or the guys too!) may be interested in manicures, facials, skin treatments, hair coloring, waxing, brow tinting or anything else that will make you feel at your absolute best on your special day. Remember to budget out a few hundred dollars – at least for yourself – to primp the week before the wedding! 

Having the wedding of your dreams can definitely run up a large bill. Before signing any final or permanent contracts, be sure your vendors are extremely transparent with the costs. Don’t be afraid to ask too many questions. The more you know, the less you will be surprised about at the end of the day.

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5 Tips to Conquer The Reception Seating Chart | Outstanding Advice

by Caitlin Caval on

Screen Shot 2017 04 18 at 2.59.35 PM 1024x682 5 Tips to Conquer The Reception Seating Chart | Outstanding Advice

Oh, the pesky seating chart… one of the least enjoyable things about planning your special day. As hard as it is to not step on any of your guest’s toes during this process, you also have to take into consideration where your guests are sitting, or rather, who your guests are sitting with because it can make or break their attitude at your reception. Luckily, our team put together a list of five helpful do’s and don’ts to conquer and create the perfect reception seating chart.

Don’t Assign Specific Seats. Creating a specific seating chart just ends up getting messy and complicated. Odds are, guests will end up swapping and moving around, which will inevitably complicate the meal preference of your guests and irritate your caterer. Assigning specific seats just becomes a headache for you, and an unnecessary and difficult part of the planning process. It is much easier to just assign guests to tables and let them pick their own seats. 

Don’t Rush The Process. Definitely take this process slow. Things are constantly changing in terms of RSVP’s and your guest count. It is honestly impractical to create a seating chart right off the bat and frequently change it and move people around. Wait until you have all of your RSVP’s and diagram solidified for the most part, then you can begin to brainstorm how you would like to organize your reception’s seating chart. 

Do Take Advice From Friends and Family. Put extra emphasis on the tables that your parents and close friends are seated at. Ask them before hand who they would like to sit with, or if there is any guest that they would not like to be at the same table as. Definitely take this into consideration when creating the seating chart, because they should have the next best option if they are not sitting at the head table. 

Do Pick A Unique Design. It’s always a nice surprise to see a unique and beautiful escort card display. In our opinion, it sets the mood for the reception. We have had the pleasure of seeing the most beautiful escort card displays, and to be honest, the best one’s always are simple, yet unique and elegant. Make it special, but not difficult for your guests to read or find their name, as this will cause a backup of guests. Pick colors that correlate with your theme, and display cards that your guests want to keep! 

Do Prepare for Last Minute Changes. More often times than not, guests will throw you a curveball and retract their RSVP the week before your wedding, for whatever reason it may be. A common request is to bring a plus-one, or requesting to cancel their plus-one’s invitation. A simple solution is to just expand the table and add a seat, or take a seat away instead of rearranging the entire format of the table. Don’t stress over this little issue, because you can always decline your guests request if there is no way to accommodate more people.

Hopefully this list has given you some insight on how to tackle your seating chart. The best piece of advice we can give you is to put yourself in your guests shoes, and don’t overthink this process. Go with the flow because at the end of the day, your guests are there to support you and after all, everyone always ends up out of their seats and on the dance floor anyway!

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5 Under The Radar Honeymoon Destinations | Outstanding Advice

by Caitlin Caval on

DWH 01 1024x401 5 Under The Radar Honeymoon Destinations | Outstanding Advice

If you’re in search of a unique honeymoon getaway… look no further. Our team at Outstanding Occasions did a little research and compiled a list of the best 5 under the radar honeymoon destinations that combine both beauty, uniqueness and exclusivity. What more could you want? Keep reading to find the perfect location for you and your sweetheart.

Grindavík, IcelandYou’ve definitely seen the pictures, and if you haven’t, open a new tab because you have to check this out. Think massive hot lagoons and outdoor pools in the most stunning ice blue color you have ever laid eyes on. And we won’t stop there! Rolling hills and green cliffs with wild horses will be within sight in every direction you turn. Besides the unbelievably beautiful landscape of this quaint city in Iceland, you’ll be surrounded by a strong sense of community and culture. Grindavík is the perfect under the radar honeymoon destination because it provides an outdoorsy twist to the classic choice of a beach escape.

Cape Town, South AfricaTalk about the best of both worlds… The gorgeous city of Cape Town is located on the port of Table Bay. There aren’t enough words to explain the uniqueness of this incredible city. Countless activities await including unbelievable beaches, hiking trails among massive mountains, vineyards, botanical gardens, and last but not least, exclusive safaris and sightseeing tours through wildlife reserves. During the day, laze around on the warm sandy beaches or hike to the top of Cape of Good Hope for a breathtaking view on the tip of the Cape Peninsula. At night, get out on the town and experience the special cuisine and culture Cape Town has to offer.

Tulum, Mexico Full of local businesses and privately intimate beaches, Tulum is the foolproof choice for the honeymooners who are in the market for a tropical trip. Pure white sand beaches and extra warm water are just a few of the perks that make Tulum a foolproof choice. While you’re not catching rays, take a walk through the small winding streets and shop from locally owned boutiques selling everything from handcrafted candles and wood carvings to restaurants serving up authentic Mexican cuisine.

Seychelles, East AfricaIf you’re looking for a completely secluded getaway, Seychelles is most certainly the place for you. This small island in the Indian Ocean offers incredible tropical beaches that look like they are straight out of a movie. Crystal clear blue waters and pure sand surrounded by lush green tropical forests will be your view nonstop. Pamper yourself at the exclusive spas, sanctuaries and retreats that Seychelles offers its tourists, some of them located within tree-house villas nestled in the trees. After lounging on the beach, make sure to check out the local open-air markets.

Corsica, FranceDreaming of getting to experience life in an amazing village on an island in the South of France? Look no further than Corsica. Resorts and homes are scattered on the lush green hills of this island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Take romantic walks through the cobblestone roads  -  straight from a fairy-tale – and sunbathe under the hot French sun. Rich with history, Corsica is one of France’s most well known islands due to its impeccable beauty and style.

Whether you and your new spouse are looking for a city escape, tropical getaway or outdoor adventure, we are confident one of these under the radar honeymoon spots will meet your every need and desire. Bon voyage!

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The 5 Hottest Wedding Registry Trends | Outstanding Advice

by Caitlin Caval on

carfeatured 1024x576 The 5 Hottest Wedding Registry Trends | Outstanding Advice

Now that you have officially said yes and set a date, a very important (and fun!) step in the wedding planning process is creating your very own wedding registry! Family and friends will want to celebrate you by sending congratulatory gifts, so it’s a smart idea to create a registry full of  items that you actually need, and want to use in your new home. Although traditional wedding gifts include basic linens and housewares, our team at Outstanding Occasions researched the 5 hottest wedding registry trends of the season to give your loved ones a hip guideline for some awesome gift ideas.

Opulent Stemware & Dinnerware. Stylish and elegant stemware & dinnerware gives the traditional gift a complete modern makeover. Rose gold, marble and copper metal are very fashionable right now, and every basic kitchen must-have can use an upgrade! You name it, martini shakers, stemware, dinnerware, cutting boards, serving utensils, glasses, wine buckets, and even salt & pepper shakers all incorporate these sophisticated patterns in their design. Select some fun options to spice up your kitchen from retailers like Nordstrom, Crate & Barrel and Sur la Table

High Tech Appliances. Technology is rapidly influencing every industry, even weddings! Whether you need a high tech alarm system for your new home, a helpful Alexa speaker, the new generation iPad or a brand new Keurig, you can’t go wrong with selecting some useful gadgets for your new home together. Modern day technology is always advancing, but receiving some new appliances with up-to-date software will definitely be  an amazing gift, especially for those husbands-to-be who love tech, and just can’t understand the need for the rose gold flatware you love.

Recreational Gear. Making new memories together as husband and wife is certainly one of the most exciting parts of getting married, and what better way to get a head start than by traveling and adventuring together. If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, add a few recreational picks to your wedding registry such as outdoor acrylic wine glasses, modern camping gear, portable speakers and grilling accessories. Having the right material on your overnight adventures can definitely make or break your trip. 

Unique Statement Furniture. Furniture is a big investment, but having special pieces of furniture in your house can really make it feel like a home once your married. Family and friends will enjoy seeing the special pieces they gifted to you (or contributed to) in your home. Select some unique pieces that fit your new married lifestyle, from retailers such as as Anthropologie, Restoration Hardware, Zara Home and Design Within Reach. These stores have one-of-a-kind pieces available for every room in your house. One of the biggest trends of the season is custom upholstery, eclectic mirrors and wicker furniture, for a relaxing beachy feel. 

Crowdfunding. Traditionally, it’s inappropriate for couples to directly ask for money in the form of a wedding gift from their guests. However, new websites such as Honeyfund, I Do Foundation, and Tilt, have modernized the idea of giving cash to newlyweds, and it’s now considered acceptable by most (although grandparents may still find the concept foreign!). Couples use these crowdfunding websites as methods to collect money that would be typically spent on gifts. Couples are attracted to the idea that their guests can contribute to personal expenses such as honeymoon activities or the down payment on their new home. Alternatively, some couples have their guests donate directly to a charity of their choice. 

Whatever you do, make sure to spend some time thinking long and hard about what you might like to receive from friends and family, should they choose to give you a gift to celebrate tying the knot! There does not have to be a central theme to your registry, just be sure that all of the items have a  purpose within your home and your upcoming adventure as newlyweds. Happy choosing!

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