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The Ins and Outs of Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

Fear not brides, we have developed the perfect list to make your bridal shopping experience a stylish breeze! Whether you have all your girlfriends by your side or that one special bestie, our job is to turn this process from daunting, to fun! Pop the champagne and get ready to book your appointment at your favorite bridal salon.

Attention: For the bridesmaids reading this, remember to always have an open mind when searching for the perfect bridesmaids dress. Above all, this is the bride's day and therefore, what she say goes! You might be trying on dresses that aren’t your typical style, but give it a shot because you never know… it might look fabulous!

Let’s start with the basics, meaning choosing the right color palette. This step is crucial to know before stepping foot in any fitting. Know the colors, tones, and fabric ahead of time so that the dresses will complement with the theme of the wedding. Having the color readily available can make it easy if you decide to have each bridesmaid pick out their own dress or you want to let the bridal salon know ahead of time. Make sure to give some guidelines of fabrics, color, neckline, and style!

Remember, no two bodies look the same! The dress might fit one bridesmaid like a glove and not complement another in the right areas. Have the girls get professionally measured ahead of time to have the exact numbers in case of needed alterations. Some brides choose one color scheme but different dress styles in order to leave comfort room for each individual.

If you have a planned appointment at a bridal shop, be sure to let everyone know to wear nude undergarments and a strapless bra. This way you can properly assess each neckline and know which dress fits best. Meaning ditching the barrettes for a day to assess how the dress will really look!

Let talk about the dreading word…Budget! Have a conversation with your girlfriends about what their budget might be. Knowing this information ahead of time will make finding the dress more comfortable and cause way less stress in the end.

Lastly, we suggest being honest and giving feedback if the dress isn’t matching skin tones or is too revealing in the neckline. That way there can be constructive criticism in making the decision on the right fit for each bridesmaid.

Photography: Wedding Chicks


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